shit hectic day today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

@exactly 11AM

i decide to resolve my worse night mare….

my car’s insurance was expired long long time ago…..

haven’t got the time and the proper ID to deal with it, due to my uncle which lives about 3hours away from where i am, is holding the ID of the car(which belonged to  my dad), WHICH i BOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah it all sounds complicated right? get this, turns out, today morning i thought i have everything ready for it include 50000NTD to reslove the matter..

long story short, i had to drive 3 hours just to get an piece of paper and , when i did that i ran back to the place, and yeah u guess it. it’s tooooooo freakin late!!

of course having to skip work, for 4 hours isn’t really helping cuz my boss costantly calls me on my status and wants me back to the office… immediately..


OH BTW found this cool ring on BEHANCE!! it’s pretty awsome!


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