i really should start taking my own photos!!!!

so yesterday, i had pretty good progress on my car, got a nice set of factory tweeters and a pair of 6inch 150W speakers.

got everything installed within an hour and got the rear sub woofer mounted, plus a custom tune for my need…. it really transformed the car as far as the driving feeling goes…

and it also turned out that i had a screw loose(pun intended) on my front beam, thus causing the unpleasing sound, which i got fixed in a reasonable time… and got it all aligned again… now the car drives beautifully and sounded equally awesome.

next stop would be upgrading the floor mats to some thick factory Lexus IS250 ones… still deciding on the colour tho..  since i had my seats re done in tan leather and bought tan leather steering wheel to match, i dunno if i should go with the Grey ish floor mat (which has beautiful light reflection like silk,  or the tan ones…

decisions decisions..

oh and btw yesterday after work, my dear friend Royal called, it was a wonderful suprise, he told me that he is got a new girl friend..

and wants to meet up for dinnaaaaaaaaa sometime.. gotta find time!!!

Today i will be doing a photo shoot with my company on some recipes, hopefully to be an awesome shoot..

i will stop being lazy and put up some photos next week or so!


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